KIDKII is a Danish company
Design and development are made in Denmark.
Our products are already sold to many countries around the world. 
The inspiration is Danish Design, this is a Design movement characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality.

Our mission remains to create toys/furniture that invites to fun and stimulates children's motor development, so they experience joy from both physical development and development of motor skills.

KIDKII creates beautiful toys for the modern family which both children and parents would love.

We design Ball pits, Playmats, Furniture that are non-toxic, with OEKO-tex cotton and LDPE balls. 
We are now providing our products with a new plant-based foam, which is organic, recyclable, washable, breathable for the perfect comfort and wellbeing of the child.
Furthermore, the foam is natural flame retardant. 
We focus on the safety of the child and provide products of a very high standard, with the toy safety regulations accordantly to EU, USA and ASIA

We also offer you the absolute best customer service!

Anne-Lise Jensen