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Dear Customer

Congratulations on your new ball pit from KIDKII.


At KIDKII our materials are chosen carefully.

We mostly use a new innovative plant-based foam for the sides as well as the bottom of our ball pits. We have chosen this foam as it has many amazing features in addition to being organic. First and foremost, it is a material without chemicals and harmful substances, then it is breathable, washable at 30 degrees, recyclable and non-flammable.

The plant-based foam has a higher density than synthetic foam, this helps to make the ball pits more stable and durable.

Please note that you will find what kind of foam that are used for each product under the product information.

One should always expect that a plant-based foam requires a little more time to achieve the shape as it is a natural product. One should always expect that a plant-based foam requires a little more time to achieve the shape, as it is a natural foam. You could say it needs to inhale air, while a synthetic foam recovers faster because of the chemicals added to the product.

Synthetic foam is not a healthy product to use for children. KIDKII will never support the use of this kind of foam in our products.

With round ball pits you can turn the foam inside out, this will expedite the process if desired.

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However, the best thing is to let the children play in the ball pit, as it will achieve its shape, naturally.

The other materials used for our products are OEKO-tex cotton and velvet, these can be washed at 30 degrees, but keep in mind that the fabric can´t be tumble-dried as the cover will shrink.

Our balls are made with LDPE plastic and are CE approved.


KIDKII Customer Service is always ready to help you, if you have any further questions regarding KIDKII products.



Best wishes from Team KIDKII


WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD- Never leave your child unattended

when playing.